You don't have to do this alone.

The world is changing at unprecedented speed. Backstory Preaching's online community is figuring it out together.

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Seminary didn't prepare you for this.

Moving church services online.

Meeting overwhelming pastoral care needs while social distancing.

Navigating the fear, uncertainty, and anxiety of your parishioners—while processing your own.

And in the midst of the tragedy playing out before your eyes, you're expected to preach Good News on Sunday.


We're figuring this out in real time, too.


The Collective+ helps preachers like you:  

  • navigate the changing landscape with the collective insights of others
  • discover best practices, new ideas, and resources for preaching into this crisis
  • find support and encouragement in the overwhelm 
  • minister and preach more effectively, whatever the circumstance


In over 11 years of ordained ministry, this has been the only preaching practice I've found effective.

"Backstory Preaching and working with the BsP Collective has been the one practice for sermon preparation that has fed me spiritually. In over 11 years of ordained ministry, this has been the only preaching practice I’ve found effective."

— Candyce L.


Meet Lisa

Founder and Steward of BsP, Author of The Gospel People Don't Want to Hear (Working Preacher Books, 2020)

Her hope for you is simple but profound: 

That you would be Good News to preach Good News.

What You'll Receive in The Collective/+

Spiritual renewal

Discover your sermon prep time as respite, and be fed by God as you seek to feed your congregation. Every aspect of BsP's sermon prep process is rooted in prayer and the spirituality of the preacher, first and foremost.

Live sessions in community 

Begin thinking about the Scriptures early and workshop your sermon message midweek during live sessions with colleagues and a BsP mentor.

Preaching resources

With a go-to community for sermon prep help, tools you can apply each week, and ever-updated resources for the coming week's texts (for RCL & Narrative Lectionary), you'll never feel stuck.

Monthly guest lectures

Learn from the brightest preaching minds of our time. Guests include The Reverends Tom Long, Otis Moss III, Leah Schade, Rob Wright, & Karoline Lewis.

Seasonal sermon prep

Begin each lectionary season prepared with the lectionary story arc and a clear sermon plan. And use BsP's Preacher's Planner (included) to keep you on track.

Courage to get out of your rut

Find the intellectual stimulation you crave and the encouragement you need to apply new techniques and preach beyond your status quo.

A sustainable preaching life.

Experience deep transformation and peace as you create a preaching life that's sustainable—and fulfilling.

A process you can count on.

Get intentional about your schedule and priorities. Turn the 5-day process into your rhythm so you finish your sermon by Friday—or on your ideal timeline—more often than not.


My sermon prep takes less time and my sermons are more effective.

"The Collective focuses our efforts, pools our ideas, and expands our creativity so my sermon prep takes less time and my sermons are more effective."

— Matthew M.

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The Collective


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  • Membership in the Collective online group
  • Introduction to the weekly sermon prep process with five 10-min. videos
  • Weekly live, online sessions to workshop your sermon message
  • Sermon Prep to Go: Everything you need to craft a sermon from your phone (RCL and NL). All you need is an internet connection.
  • Weekly exegetical resources curated for the RCL and Narrative Lectionary lessons
  • Support to integrate BsP's 5-day sermon prep process into your weekly routine
  • Christmas Sermon Bootcamp to help you write an effective sermon during one of the busiest weeks of the year
  • 10% discount on all BsP courses and coaching

The Collective+

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  • ALL features of The Collective, PLUS:  
  • Membership in The Collective+ online group
  • Monthly, online guest lectures/Q&A with preaching professors, authors, and thinkers to help you become more effective
  • A library of recordings from all past guest speakers
  • Participation in sermon bootcamps (Holy Week/Easter & Christmas)
  • BsP's downloadable Preacher's Planner
  • 5 guided, seasonal sermon-planning sessions: plan ahead for the next lectionary and liturgical season  

You can be more effective, more efficient, and more fullfilled in your vocation.

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No preacher should have to navigate these times alone.

Start your FREE week in The Collective today.
Start your FREE week in The Collective+ (Plus) today.

"The Collective+ has enabled a transformation of my approach to preaching and ministry in ways I had hoped a sabbatical or D.Min. would." 

"The Collective/+ helps sermon prep time start on a Monday morning with other inspiring preachers and finish before the weekend.

Instead of a solitary, anxious, two-step task of “exegesis and write,” sermon prep time is five clear, doable steps that result in effective sermons.

The Collective/+ has enabled a transformation of my approach to preaching and ministry in ways I had hoped a sabbatical or D.Min. would."  

—The Rev'd Keith Y.

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