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Backstory Preaching

Finish your sermon by Friday.

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Preaching is just one of your many responsibilities.

You do your best to squeeze sermon prep into the spare minutes of church life, week after week.

But when those minutes aren't enough, sermon prep consumes your personal life.

A simple, 5-day process to help you reclaim your Saturday nights

This guide was created to help you take control of your sermon prep—and enjoy it—by teaching you:

  •  a weekly process you can rely on
  •   tools to make your message clear, memorable, and effective
  •  an approach that transforms sermon prep from a chore to a joy


Learn how to structure sermon prep as a time that nurtures your connection with God and feels like respite.


Discover new insights in Scripture, focus on one clear message of Good News, and keep your listeners talking after the sermon ends.


A flexible weekly schedule with clear steps to take you from initial reading to message discernment to finished sermon.


About Lisa

Lisa sitting in backyard with clerical collar

The vision for Backstory Preaching® woke the Rev’d Dr. Lisa Cressman in the middle of the night, and she’s been trying to keep up with the Holy Spirit ever since. She is Backstory Preaching’s Founding Steward, sharing insights from more than 25 years as an Episcopal priest, preacher, spiritual director, and retreat leader.  


I have my Fridays and Saturdays back.

"I am grateful for the discipline, creativity, and...process available through Backstory Preaching. After months of letting sermon preparation slip into days off, I have my Friday and Saturday back. So happy!"  

Dina V.


A phenomenal process that is getting results.

"In the past year I started using Backstory Preaching as a method for developing and writing my sermons. It’s been a phenomenal process that is getting results. I’m preaching better sermons and the process has been more spiritually edifying for me, too." 

Julie W.

A 5-day Process to Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday